Wednesday 26 June 2013

Moth Effect - 1975

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'1975' is the second EP to be made by UK artist Moth Effect and is an instrumental set of tracks that are mostly electronic in nature, a little psychedelic and also touch on fuzz-rock and dreampop. Although this is essentially a homemade EP, the warmth of the songs gives them a richness that would most likely be lost if it had been made in a studio with a superstar producer. The comforting hum that seems to back the whole record is one of the most appealing aspects. When it comes to actually describing the music, unless we give a note-by-note run through, things get a bit difficult.

These five songs are similar in style, and opener 'Dear Fuzz' tells you all you need to know about the electronic effects. '1975' is more than just another ambient work though, because although it's instrumental and uses what sound like analogue electronics throughout, the songs all have life to them, nothing is stagnant or dull. 'The Sea Is Full Of Scary Things' is not only true, but it's a very good song; maybe 'Tour De '74' is a recognition of his debt to cycling enthusiasts Kraftwerk (who had their first UK hit in 1974, and one of their last a decade or so later with 'Tour De France'). 'Toggy Dubness' does have a slight dub inflection, although we don't know what "toggy" means. The mellow and twinkling closer 'Round Every Corner' also recalls electronic innovators of the past and is a great way to end a very welcoming and well made EP.

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