Wednesday 19 June 2013

Five For Free #191

Hospital Ships - Come Back To Life

Now we're not ones to get weepy too often (well, apart from Andy, the wuss), but this track from Jordan Geiger, otherwise known as Hospital Ships and sometime member of Shearwater, definitely stirs the emotions. 'Come Back To Life' from his new album 'Destruction In Yr Soul' pleads "maybe, baby, you could come back to life...". Sniff.

Free download: 'Come Back To Life'

Hospital Ships' website

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Soft Arrows - Figure 8

Brighton duo Soft Arrows will be releasing their new album 'Overlapping Lives' in October, but before then you can get a free download of the visceral punk/noise-rock track 'Figure 8' for free. If this is a sign of things to come then we could be looking at a modern punk band with their own sound, without the borrowed, faux attitude, and with some decent agitated tunes instead.

Soft Arrows' website

We Are Temporary - Hurt

With new single 'Hurt', Brooklyn synth-pop artist We Are Temporary has raised his game considerably since recent single 'Satellite', a decent enough track, but not a patch on this retro number. Mark Roberts has been delving into the darker side of '80s pop music to get inspiration for this song, and succeeds in creating genuine emotion. He could be a surprise package after all.

We Are Temporary's website

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Flying Ibex - Two

London group Flying Ibex release their new album 'Habits' this week, and to make sure we can all get a taste of their inventive and jumpy experimental indie sounds they're offering a free download of single 'Two', an upbeat and melodic tune that has a strangely lazy feel to it despite the uptempo nature. I guess they've come up with multi-purpose music, and that takes some doing.

Flying Ibex's website

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Still Parade - Actors

Giving us something soothing and gentle to float away on are Still Parade, an enigmatic band who've spent the last three years readying their album, and 'Actors' is the first track from it. They describe this as dream folk and we can pretty much go along with that. It does feel like you're casually bobbing along on a cloud in the sunshine. Let's hope for more of the same come album time.

Still Parade's website

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