Wednesday 19 June 2013

Lumerians - Dogon Genesis

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When I first read the title to the song I thought the last word was "genius". Now we can't go that far in our description of this new single from Lumerians, but it's certainly very good. 'Dogon Genesis' is the first track to be taken from their new album 'The High Frontier', and it's a little psychedelic cracker. Like all good sonic astronauts, the San Franciscan group take us on a proper mind-bending voyage of discovery here, and this bodes very well for the album (it's out in Europe now, but you North Americans will have to wait a few weeks). What's impressive about this song is that it borrows so much from other bands but doesn't ever really sound like any of them, and it never slips into pastiche, even with lyrics about how "Orion is rising" and other such hippy-type imagery.

With a warped electric start, the song then nicks the riff from 'Suicide' by Spacemen 3 and starts dropping in some interesting and sometimes exotic percussion. The vocals are treated and overlaid, there's a solo near the start, possibly from an early analogue synth and then it's back to full flow, that repetitive riff not going anywhere. More solos abound throughout the track and guessing instruments is tricky. To break things up the style switches a touch in the middle, removing the riff and replacing it with rattlesnake percussion and booming drums with a guitar line weaving through the lot. Just when you think the song ends, the whole thing starts up again; the riff, the vocals, the original percussion, more solos... it's a hell of a ride and it's one that we're happy to take again and again.

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