Sunday 23 June 2013

Vodsel - Radio Leningrad

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There seems to be a persistent myth that people from Liverpool and Wrexham don't get along. Vodsel have been proving that wrong for a while now, this being the fourth time they've featured on the site in the past year. New single 'Radio Leningrad' has a name that will, naturally, make you think of the former Eastern Bloc and maybe the music that was associated with it. In this case that's perhaps not a bad approximation of what this song sounds like. Vodsel's music is dark post-punk with a heavy emphasis on synths. This is the bleaker side of the electronic pop that dominated the late '70s and early '80s.

'Radio Leningrad' has a slightly rough feel; it's almost as if they're deliberately shunning the pop route that they're easily capable of taking. There are harsh sounds and it's difficult to tell if this is treated guitar or synths. At some points they even tap into shoegaze noise, but really this song does feel as though it could have been born from behind the Iron Curtain. The lyrics don't always paint a pretty picture and the song seems, and feels, as much about survival in a difficult climate than about anything else. Their obsession with these bleak times serves them well though, and they've come up with the goods again.

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