Friday 21 June 2013

Velociraptor - Walk On By

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It's amazing the lengths some press releases will go to make out that the act they're pitching is the greatest thing in the history of mankind, but it's much better when these are done with a pinch of salt. So we'll happily go along with the fact that Australia's Velociraptor are "Earth's mightiest band". They're not a let down, that's for sure. As they're new to us, and being the good little site that we are, we thought we should do our homework. Now we'll point out that "our homework" usually means looking up the band on Wikipedia of Facebook. If the latter is to be believed, Velociraptor have twelve members. This came as something of a shock given that single 'Walk On By' sounds like your regular four or five-piece band, but we'll take their word for it.

The three-track cassette from which this song is taken was meant as an introduction to UK music fans to the band's sound and was released to coincide with a recent jaunt to Blighty for a few gigs including The Great Escape. With so many people, it probably worked out cheaper to hire a private jet. 'Walk On By' must have gone down a storm at gigs. It's a quality slab of garage-pop that's full of energy and a tiny bit spooky to go with it. They can clearly knock together a melody and they can clearly transform that into a decent tune. We can only hope that they return soon, and maybe bring an album with them next time. They can't be short of songs with so many people giving their input. In this case, too many cooks have made a wonderful broth.

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