Friday 28 June 2013

Daughters of Ether - The Heroines of Modern Dreampop

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Since the ancient days of the Sirens (whether mythical or not), women have graced listeners' ears with loving vocal ether. This still continues today, albeit such a mystifying thread is now laced through a myriad of different genres. This playlist is dedicated to the daughters and beneficiaries of that tradition. Sing and play on sisters.  ~ WayOutWest

Stargazer Lilies – We Are The Dreamers

Stargazer Lilies' website

The Rungs – Confluence of Anomalies

The Rungs' website

Plum – Meadow of Weeds

Plum's website

Sealight – The Moon

Sealight's website

Flying Cape Experience – I Love You

Flying Cape Experience's website

Горобчики - співаний вірш

Gorobchiki's website

broaddaylight – Arpeggio

broaddaylights's website

Heligoland – Always Another

Heligoland's website

Ummagma – NIMBY

Ummagma's website

Love Spirals – Love Survives

Love Spirals' website

Autumn's Grey Solace – Holocene

Autumn's Grey Solace's website

Whirr – Ghost

Whirr's website

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