Sunday 30 June 2013

The Noble Thiefs - Got It Made/When You're In Love

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The Nobel Thiefs may not have excelled in English at school, but we're willing to bet they got top marks for music. With so many bands heading out on a garage tip at the moment, and many of those incorporating a little blues to give some added depth, it's nice to find a band who are not only doing that, but also have soul pumping through their veins. Having recently hit the UK for some gigs, the Winnepeg quartet thought it would be a good idea to give them a little something to remember them by, and so they released this double A-side single to coincide, and it does a splendid job of showing two slightly different sides to a band who sound as though they were born to make music.

First off is 'Got It Made', and although we didn't catch them when they were over, we're willing to bet this one tore the place apart when they played it live. There's a tip-top garage riff that propels the track along, but add those rich vocals in and run a fluid bassline through the thing and you've got a potent mix of styles that can't fail to impress. They're retro sounds but they're retro sounds done properly. 'When You're In Love' has soul too, lots of it, but it's driven as much by blues as anything. Slower and more pensive, it doesn't lose any power thanks to those vocals again and the meaty guitar and bass that would flesh out the bones of any song and turn it into something that gives off a shed-load of authenticity. We'll use those three words again: garage, blues, soul. If you like any or all of them then you need to give this single a good coat of listening to.

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