Friday 21 June 2013

Amanda Jo Williams - 2000Hell

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We'll give you a coupe of quotes so you can get some kind of an understanding of where US singer-songwriter Amanda Jo Williams is coming from, should she be a new artist to your ears. Firstly, she describes her music as "Folk, Country, Weird". We'd perhaps remove the "folk" part from the equation but just about leave the "country" part, as you can hear that aspect slightly on single '2000Hell'. Secondly, her sound is described as a "pastiche of genres". Yeah, we can't really fault that. This may not be the most serious music you'll ever have the pleasure of listening to, but it's not comedy by any means. Long-term fans (this is her fourth album) will, naturally, be aware of this already.

So new album 'You're The Father Of My Songs' even includes a little play on words in its title, and opening track '2000Hell' does have a few strange lyrics as it gently moves through rockabilly and indie-rock, mixing the sounds of yore with more modern production and a very boomy effect. "You know it's the right road, but you know it's a hard road, 'cos you don't get to have sex in your underwear". We're not really sure what she's getting at, but the song does talk of the fires of hell, so if the worst case scenario is not being able to have sex in your underwear (?) then we'll happily take that route thanks. It's a weird one but a good 'un.

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