Saturday 29 June 2013

Five For Free #194


It's been a while since we've posted anything by Texan garage/indie/pop band MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR, but they've announced a new EP to be released this autumn and it includes new single, the rather wonderful and varied track 'SCREAM QUEEN'. Hopefully the EP sells well enough for them to afford to replace the broken caps lock key on their computer.


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Hemendex - Faith In War

Being peace-loving people we're not keen on war. So it's good to note that Croatians Hemendex (who possibly experienced those kind of horrors first hand) state here that they've "lost my faith in war... I'm happier without it". They do this to a retro sounding piece of synth music with plenty of guitars for a nice cross-genre alt-pop sound.

Hemendex's website

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The Olms - Wanna Feel It

On to something a little more organic sounding. The Olms are LA duo Pete Yorn and J.D. King and their debut album was released earlier this month. They make a superb mix of the harmonious alt-rock that's been flooding the US alternative scene, but mix it in with a cracking indie/pop song creating something more appealing. It's yours for an email address.

Download 'Wanna Feel It' for free from The Olms' website

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Saskatchewan - Possession

Sitting somewhere in the middle of all we've mentioned so far are Florida band Saskatchewan who recently released their debut album 'Occasion'. From the album is 'Possession', a track that mixes various so called "alternative" genres such as alt-rock and dreampop with a slightly soulful vibe and a pop edge supplied by the subtle use of electronic sounds along with a more regular band set-up.

Download 'Possession' for free by heading here

Saskatchewan's website

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Go/No-Go - Desperate Romantics

Sydney's Go/No-Go should get your feet tapping. Their new single 'Desperate Romantics' is a lively alt-pop tune with guitars borrowed from Gang Of Four and an slight Talking Heads influence. It also contains the kind of drumming that's likely to lead to RSI in later life. Still, it's a good tune, so let's enjoy it while we can and keep our finders crossed for the drummer...

Go/No-Go's website

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Catch them live:

Fri 7th June - Sydney, Oxford Art Factory

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