Friday 21 June 2013

Maze Car - I Am Minus One

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There a chance that you may have heard music involving Maze Car before, as he's been on the fringes of Glasgow's music scene for many years and has been involved with bands such as Urusei Yatsura and Franz Ferdinand (although not as a permenant member). His current incarnation is this solo project which puts his production and engineering skills to good use, taking to the studio to produce electronic music that's quite left-field yet remarkably accessible considering. It's not really electro-pop, although there is a pop aspect bubbling under here, which make these sonic experiments feel as much like proper songs as, well, sonic experiments.

First track 'Genie' starts slowly, almost generating a calm before the storm effect. Once that beat kicks in it feels like a bang-up-to-date electro-rock track, like a revamped Depeche Mode or even The Orb if they concentrated more on traditional songs. It is, without doubt, a fine tune. Having two tracks here gives us the opportunity to see if this is a fluke or if we're looking at a project with the potential to grown into something more substantial and successful. 'I Am Minus One (Square Me)' may have a title to please the boffins, but the music is a cutting, dark ambiance that's full of stinging beats and sharp edges. Once again it's a proper tune as well. Maybe Maze Car can emulate his more famous mates with this new project.

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