Thursday 27 June 2013

Tom For Idea - hintro

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I'm not sure if we just attract bands who like to like to deal with stark and dark sounds, or whether this is just a current direction that much of the music world is taking. But we can add London's Tom For Idea to this list, at least judging by this intro track. More will be revealed when they release their first EP next month. It may be their debut EP, and the band officially came into being in the winter of 2011, but these guys have apparently been writing and playing together in various bands and various formats for years, but it was only recently that this current incarnation was decided upon and they've chosen to run with it. So it could be that these long-time friends finally have the sound that they were looking for.

'hintro' (they spell it with no capital at the start, it's not us having a poor grasp of how the English language works, although many would say we do anyway...) is stark; the beats are sharp and minimalist, the guitar line is similar and both are very stop/start, so the song feels broken, but not to the detriment of the track, indeed it's the whole idea. If you want to pin a genre to this song then folktronica is perhaps the closest match, and it will certainly be people who appreciate that style of music, and maybe those who've enjoyed records by The xx and Esben & The Witch, who will find this song the most rewarding.

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