Monday 24 June 2013

Champions League - Paris Is Our Playground

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Why are the French currently so good at making such classic sounding, great dance-pop records? It's a bit of an unnecessary question, one that some stuffy Guardian critic will pose in the latest Daft Punk review. Instead, sit back and just enjoy the debut from Parisian duo Champions League.

This is a slice of wondrous feelgood, Ibizan-flecked dance euphoria. It houses sunkissed piano and ethereal vocals, taking you on a trip with a blissful urgency and vibe that sits closer to 'Republic'-era New Order, 808 State, and the rich Cafe Del Mar output. That is not to say it sounds dated, rather it has a pure timeless feel that can be enjoyed by one and all. Until the next Champions League song, this one is staying on repeat.

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