Thursday 20 June 2013

PoP Campaign - Where We Are Living (Shut Yer Piehole)?

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Besides possible interpretations of the song's title, it looks like Scottish-bred, European-based duo PoP Campaign have toned-down the political messages that peppered their recent mini-album 'Britain Isn't Working' in favour of some lovable and hectic electronic sounds instead. It's a big surprise, but it actually quite suits the pair, resplendent in matching garb on the promo photo. We don't fancy living in that caravan though. Anyway, 'Where We Are Living (Shut Yer Piehole)?' is seven-minutes of sparkling, twinkling, magical bleeps and bloops that sound like they're being beamed straight in from a fantasy that's taking place inside Passion Pit's heads.

You don't really notice the length, you don't really notice that the track is actually quite repetitive. There may be plans afoot for a radio edit, and stripping a minute or three off this song wouldn't, for once, do that much harm. This could work at any length. If you're not prone to electronic music as a rule, it might be worth giving this a go, it's one of those songs that it's a challenge not to like (unless you're a miserable git), so you may find yourself enjoying it. Given their past form, we can't be sure that PoP Campaign aren't being a little ironic with this one, but to be quite honest, we don't care. It sounds ace.

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