Thursday 27 June 2013

Reveries - rvrs

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Neither track on this single by Sweden's Reveries is actually called 'rvrs', so they're joining the current trend that's emerging where bands give names to single releases, after all, traditionally a single has included two tracks anyway, so why ignore the other? I guess it was formerly a case of the b-side being a half-baked cover, remix or song not deemed good enough to make the cut for the album. But in the digital age everything really gets the same billing. Both tracks are available to stream on Bandcamp, Spotify and so on, in any order, so having substandard material there will naturally do harm. Plus, in the case of 'rvrs', it's maybe the second track that will get the attention anyway.

Firstly there's 'Phase II', a tune with a woozy and half-awake atmospheric intro that leads into a psychedelic dreampop mid-section that runs for just over a minute, so it's almost as much intro as song, but it still sounds really good. So the main event for most people will probably be what you would have called the B-side. 'Distance' is longer and also has a more complete feel. It touches on dreampop again, but the twanging guitars and ever-so-slightly moody vibe give it an air of mystery. It has to be said that this is a heck of a tune, and is one of those that is deserving of wider attention (lots of songs are deserving, but not all have a style that would appeal widely enough for that to happen: this does) but probably won't get it. We'll give Reveries full marks for this one though.

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