Saturday 1 June 2013

Five For Free #186

Warhorses - Rumble Seat

Detroit's been one of the most important cities in the history of popular music, whatever branch of it your personal taste fits. Warhorses are continuing the tradition by making heavy, psych-rock tunes like 'Rumble Seat' which is all low frequencies and blasts of organ. It's like early Factory Records releases mixed with MC5 and is taken from their latest EP 'Song of the Month'.

Warhorses' website

Buy the EP

No Middle Name - Feels Like The 90's Again

We were talking about this chap just the other day. No Middle Name is the solo project of David Bailey from The Title Sequence and this will be on his forthcoming debut album later this year. An official single is due in the summer too, but for now here's the lovely psych-pop of 'Feels Like The 90's Again' which, like the previous track we featured is only free for a limited time, so be quick!

No Middle Name's website

Chemical Smile - BeelzeBop

It's good to hear something new from Chemical Smile, it's been several months since they last graced these virtual pages with single 'Thanks For The Company'/'Suede Glove'. 'BeelzeBop' has those same, slightly disconcerting vocals which provide a sinister tone to their gothic-sounding guitar-pop and are the perfect foil for that meandering guitar line and changing tempos.

Chemical Smile's website

Howth - Superfreak

Beginning life as a "bedroom folk duo", Brooklyn's Howth have now grown into a ten-legged indie/pop/folk gang who specialise in delightfully sweet and slightly oddball tunes like 'Superfreak'. This begins life as an experimental guitar-pop song but adds plenty of interesting quirks and ends up as a psychedelic electro wig-out that recalls early Super Furry Animals.

Howth's website

Catch them live:

Jun 30 The Paper Box, Brooklyn, NY

Beat The Heart - Spaceship Ride

That wintry cover to 'Glebe Market', the latest EP from Swedish band Beat The Heart makes more sense knowing that it was recorded at the beginning of the year. Included on it is the gorgeous 'Spaceship Ride', yet another example of how Scandinavian musicians have a natural talent for making dreamy pop music using conventional instruments.

Beat The Heart's website

Stream the EP in full

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