Sunday, 16 June 2013

Three Kings High - Tell Em Lies EP

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To me, one of Bristol's laid-back charms is that it's a true melting-pot of people and cultures. And with their 'Tell Em Lies' EP Three Kings High have musically encapsulated this melting-pot. This is vibrant, empowering music, with at times a concise lyrical commentary. Opener 'Back' is a funkified statement of intent. Hitting you up on a west coast (country) ska, hip-hop vibe. Like late dub-ska heroes Sublime, Three Kings High bring warm sunshine to you. Underlining it all is a pure pop hook that the likes of Professor Green would die for. Joe Eden's rhymes and words are perfectly coloured by fellow vocalist Amy West. As 'Back' sidles out of view 'Bad News Radio' is introduced with snatches of old school dancehall organ, and the song dances in on a darker, dub tip. Eden painting images of unemployment, bookies, "bad news always following me". Then quickly you realise that the you are already singing along to an irresistible chorus.

Next up, 'Nothin' New Radio' stomps in. A grand funked monster that is built on foundations of Parliament and James Brown, then takes that myriad of influences and crafts something fresh and special. Here Eden's flow is reminiscent  MC Tunes of the long lost Dust Junkys. 'Nothin' New Radio' is a beast of a song that you happily let devour you. Final and title-track of the EP, 'Tell Em Lies', is the brightest here. Eden hits you up with a pure old school rap verse then it explodes with a sunshine-laden chorus. Here the rhymes are rich with insightful lyrical snapshots. It's over too quickly, as is the whole EP. Three Kings High have given us the sweetest taster of what they can do, and hopefully the album will soundtrack the summer.

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