Friday 7 June 2013

Dreamgaze Kickstart

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What a better way to wake up your weekend, with an early kickstart already this Friday, than with a soundtrack for gazers and dreamers. Regardless of whether your eyes are focused on your shoes or on the skies above, you have the whole weekend ahead of yourselves to enjoy this space ~ WayOutWest

Neon Cardboard - Decay 

Neon Cardboard's website

Presents for Sally - Sing

Presents for Sally's website

Flying Cape Experience - I Love You

Flying Cape Experience's website

Plasticstatic - Anchors Two

Plasticstatics' website

Aerofall - Radiant

Aerofall's website

The Sorry Shop - Awaken Dream

The Sorry Shop's website

Panda Riot - Golden Age

Panda Riot's website

Ummagma - Autumnmania

Ummagma's website

Architecture - Diamond Mind

Architecture's website

Neon Lights - Another Indie Fraud

Neon Lights' website

Sweet Smell of Shining - Homeward Journey

Sweet Smell of Sunshine's website

Seahorse Hunter - Disappear

Seahorse Hunter's website

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  1. Looks excellent! ... but where are the tunes? :-)

    1. The tunes are all there between the pictures and the band's website address! Are you getting blank spaces or something?

  2. Awesome playlist… some familiar names here - some newbies - they're all shimmery fun… (Hi5 from Oakland)

  3. Nice playlist.. Who in the world are Flying Cape Experience? This is awesome. Must learn more...

  4. Congrats for this playlist !!!
    Sweet Smell of Shining , very lovely!
    All bands, great music!