Monday, 3 June 2013

Avery Plains - The Gloomy Ones

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I think creepy or perhaps mysterious might be a better word than "gloomy" if we look at the video for this track. It features seemingly random shots of records, shoes, the Virgin Mary, mannequins, insects and guns. This two-track single from Dutch band The Avery Plains does have a definite dark side to it, but that doesn't prevent it from being a top-notch alt-rock track with a pretty terrific driving rhythm that carries it along like an unstoppable mass of sound. It's the guitars that make it; they're constant and almost insatiable, like a wall-to-wall sound blast that's aiming straight for your solar plexus. Turn it up loud and you will begin to vibrate. 'The Gloomy Ones' might be a little sinister but it's a powerful tune nonetheless.

The darkness doesn't end there, as B-side 'Lost My Sight To A Spider' talks of "a blind man showing the way to the spider". There's the same sheet of guitar making up the foundations of the song but again it's overlaid with plenty of melody and lead guitar that chimes in places, adding a rare lightness to The Avery Plains' music. The two tunes on this single are equal to each other and there's no clear lead-track based upon listening to them blindly (no pun intended), so perhaps that shows that this lot have a consistency to the music they make. They're still a new band, although this single shows the maturity of a group who've comfortably hit their stride already.

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