Wednesday 5 December 2012

Five For Free #137

Aware Wolf - Top O' Da Hive

The city that never sleeps also never stops making music. Aware Wolf are a New York duo who have just put out their self-made debut EP as a free download on Bandcamp. It's a trio of top lo-fi indie-rock tunes and really you can't go wrong with any of them. But we're singling out 'Top O' Da Hive' for having an extra-specially catchy chorus.

Aware Wolf's website

Stream or download the EP

Ladyhawk - No Can Do

And it was all going so well until some chick from New Zealand comes along and adds an 'e' to the end of your band name and goes on to achieve greater fame. Canadian alt-rock band Ladyhawk will forever be confused with Pip Brown's alias now, but let's hope it doesn't detract from their own very fine music. They use guitars more than synths so stylistically there's little similarity. Here's single 'No Can Do'.

Free download: 'No Can Do'

Ladyhawk's website

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Love and Radiation - Ganymede

You can't get out of bed without falling over a synth-pop duo at the moment. They're like plagues of locusts taking over the world. Which would be great if they were all as good as Chicago pair Love and Radiation, but they're not. The good thing for lovers of these sounds done properly is that the duo are giving away the dreamy and poptastic new single 'Ganymede' for free so we can bask in its dark charms.

Love and Radiation's website

The Young Things - All Human Life

Yep, looks like we've got ourselves another indie-rock band from New York. This lot are called The Young Things and have been together just over a year. They're on a mission to create some garage/rock/indie/pop sounds, something that looks straightforward on paper but as you'll be aware there's a lot of awful bands out there doing that. The Young Things are one of the good ones, here's 'All Human Life'.

Free download: 'All Human Life'

The Young Things' website

Stars In Coma - Come To Me

Following their excellent 'Midnight Puzzle' album, skewed Swedish indiepop masters Stars In Coma are releasing a new album called 'You, Me and a Nuance Of Arctic Air' on December 24th. The album compiles outtakes and new songs and will be preceded by three digital singles. The first of which is 'Come To Me', and if you hit the download button below it's all yours.

Stars In Coma's website

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