Saturday 29 December 2012

Five For Free #143

Brave Baby - Living In A Country

As we wrap up another year in music and look forward to the next, we discover Brave Baby, a four-piece indie-rock outfit from South Carolina. They release their debut album 'Forty Bells' on January 15th and the first single from it is freebie 'Living In A Country'. I know you're probably thinking there's a lot of indie-rock bands out there, but give this a try. Definite potential here.

Brave Baby's website

'Forty Bells' will be available from Bandcamp

Max Cooper Feat. The Slow Revolt - Only You

This is what it sounds like when acclaimed UK electronica DJ meets up-and-coming electro-pop singer-songwriter. Max Cooper teams up with The Slow Revolt for this trip-hoppy and soulful piece of experimental electro-pop that is planned for release sometime in 2013. Not wanting to keep us waiting, they've made the track free to anyone who signs up to their mailing list before January 3rd.

Download 'Only You' from Max Cooper's website

The Slow Revolt's website

Some Kids - When The Fire Fades

Some Kids - When The Fire Fades (Official Video) from Some Kids on Vimeo.

London trio Some Kids have been perfecting their sound on the city's gigging circuit and have recorded their debut single 'When The Fire Fades'. The idea is for a proper release next year, but as they've made a video accompaniment and because they love you all very much they've decided to make it available for free. It's only temporary though, so be sure to get in quick and sample their catchy guitar-pop.

Some Kids' website

Au.Ra - Jane's Lament

Earlier on this month we featured the very first recording (or at least first public recording) made by brand new Sydney duo Au.Ra. Here they prove it was no fluke by giving us another song, 'Jane's Lament', which is an instrumental track that fuses psychedelia with dreampop and is generally all fuzzy and warm and exactly what we need to wrap around our ears right now.

Au.Ra's website

Put Your Hands Up For Neo-Tokyo - The Rosy View Effect

Well the band name's an odd one, that's for sure, maybe they're fans of the Japanese capital. Put Your Hands Up For Neo-Tokyo are actually a Norwegian duo and made this track available for free in celebration of their birthday, and apparently more free tracks are planned. So fans of meandering and captivating psychedelic pop should stay tuned. 'The Rosy View Effect' is definitely a fitting title for this one.

Put Your Hands Up For Neo-Tokyo's website

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