Sunday 9 December 2012

Northern Portrait - Happy Nice Day

Single review by KevW

Swedish indie gods The Wannadies are largely forgotten about these days, with the only real memory being the omnipresent 'You & Me Song', which was nice enough but far to overplayed too evoke any positive reaction anymore, plus it was far from their best song (try 'How Does It Feel?', 'Hit' or 'Might Be Stars' if you're unfamiliar). So it's great to see them getting a name-check as one of the main inspirations behind the new material from Danish indiepoppers Northern Portrait who have a new EP titled 'Pretty Decent Swimmers' scheduled for January 8th on Matinee Recordings.

Single 'Happy Nice Day' does indeed have a similar feel to The Wannadies in its guitar-pop-with-the-emphasis-on-pop mannerisms. Catchy chorus, nothing too taxing or overly "alternative" and simple construction with melody at its centre. It can be repetitive hearing so many references to C86 in reviews of releases of this kind, so another bonus here is that, while it may be jangly guitar-pop, it's the 1990s that spring more immediately to mind than the scratchier, rougher DIY indie of the decade before. 'Pretty Decent Swimmers' = pretty decent EP.

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