Wednesday 19 December 2012

Five For Free #141

Deerhoof - Sexy, But Sparkly

OK we're a few weeks late in bringing you this so forgive us for being a little docile. At the end of October the Less Artists More Condos series (which has previously featured bands like A Place To Bury Strangers, Ceremony and Thee Oh Sees) put out a split single featuring Half Waif and this great new track from Deerhoof, so belatedly, here's the alt-pop/rock of 'Sexy, But Sparkly'.

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Work Drugs - Young Lungs

This new track from Philadelphia duo Work Drugs is released in celebration of their second birthday and will also be featuring on their second album, planned for release in the first half of the new year. 'Young Lungs' taps into the same 80s synth-pop influences that characterised previous tracks like 'Boogie Lights', but ups the pace a touch, steering them a little closer to the dancefloor.

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Work Drugs' website

Rigas - Hundra År Av Vinter

If your Swedish isn't too hot then we'll tell you that 'Hundra År Av Vinter' translates as 'A Hundred Years Of Winter'. Rigas has been locked in the studio on a diet of Grace Jones, Sly & Robbie and Swedish singer John Holm, laying down tracks for his new album which is out on March 13th. We don't know who John Holm is, but you can hear the influence of the other two on his indie-type sound.

Rigas' website

Fuck Mountain - No Shame

With a name like Fuck Mountain you can safely assume that this Dublin trio aren't the latest product to fall off Simon Cowell's pop conveyor belt. No, these guys are a fuzz-rock powerhouse with lots and lots of guitar distortion and scant regard for the production desk. The rather awesome 'No Shame' is taken from their second cassette EP 'The Mountain Strikes Back'.

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Shout Out Louds - Blue Ice

We'll always have a soft spot for Swedish band Shout Out Louds as they were the first band ever played on The Sound Of Confusion radio show in 2007, that and them generally being bloody brilliant. It came as a bit of a surprise that the first single from new album 'Optica' (out in February) wasn't their usual uptempo indiepop but was slowie 'Blue Ice' instead, so it took a couple of plays to sink in, but fear not, it's ace.

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