Sunday 23 December 2012

Izzy Lindqwister - Pyjama Party

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Posing on the cover like a classic Hollywood screen siren of the golden era is Swedish singer Izzy Lindqwister. Formerly a member of the band Rodeo Massacre, she's now based in Paris and has chosen French as the language with which to sing the only non-English track on her new EP 'Pyjama Party'. With much acclaim for her strong vocal (comparisons include Beth Ditto), Izzy isn't the type of artist to stay in one place too long. Her previous band were a London-based psychedelic group, and on this new record her influences are spread far and wide, taking in blues, soul, jazz, classic pop and rock. It's an eclectic mix for sure, but one that gels. Despite its inauspicious start ('30 Days' is little more than voice and guitar with production that gives it the sound of a vintage vinyl recording minus the crackles) 'Pyjama Party' is an upbeat, unique and powerful EP.

"You've gotta change and rearrange" she sings on 'Change Rearrange', a track that could be a metaphor for her musical approach. It's another timeless sounding song that mixes jazzy psychedelia with gospel and just a hint of 60s girl-groups, it's defiantly classy. There's another change in store on the ye-ye meets blue beat number 'Les Gens Sont Fous Les Temps Sont Flous' which again has psychedelic leanings. It's as if she wants to take every genre she can and twist them into new directions. 'Ready & Steady' starts out with a heavy ska influence but the chorus is more in line with traditional pop, utilising the same organ that crops up a several points on the EP, then it darts of into the sunset riding on the back of an old Motown 45. It's vintage sounds that wrap things up too. 'SoLo' is a wistful take on doo-wop and soul and again it has "classic" written all over it. 'Pyjama Party' is imaginative, innovative and traditional at the same time and it marks Izzy Linsqwister out as a unique and impressive tour de force.

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