Sunday 30 December 2012

Fax Holiday - Lots Of Glass/Good Longing

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The world's musical web spreads far and wide and is full of connections. We heard about Massachusetts band Fax Holiday following our piece on the fantastic Lisa/Liza album which we recently covered. Should you happen to be in Portland, MA on January 19th then the two will be playing a gig together, and from what we've heard from both it should be a good night out. This single from Fax Holiday was released earlier in the year and will feature on their forthcoming second album which they're currently in the process of recording, so assuming all goes well it could be set for a release before too long.

There's a very natural feel to these songs which would make them a good choice to share a billing with Lisa/Liza, although Fax Holiday have a fuller sound and make use of a wider variety of instruments, typically what would be described as a traditional band set-up. 'Lots Of Glass' is smothered in distortion and has a laid-back thing going on, you could compare them to Pavement in that respect and they seem very much influenced by the US college-rock scene. The ending of echoing drums and fuzzy, ringing guitar is top-notch. 'Good Longing' is constructed from the same building blocks but feels more introspective, almost like early Teenage Fanclub at their most reflective. It's chilled and noisy in just the right proportions.

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