Sunday 16 December 2012

Alex Gopher (feat. Saint Michel) - Hello Inc.

Single review by KevW

Are we already beginning to see the signs of a musical craze for next year? This isn't the first time this week that we've spoken about techno/EDM producers either giving themselves a more poppy makeover or collaborating with less dance-oriented musicians. This single sees French house master and part of the Kitsune family Alex Gopher teaming up with alt-popsters Saint Michel for new single 'Hello Inc.', as expected you'll get a whole host of remixes on the EP including versions by DJ Falcon, Devin and Digitalism, plus a different take by Saint Michel themselves.

There's hit potential here for sure, it fits the dancefloor and it fits the radio; you've got a house producer and an alt-pop band and the outcome is just that. So a highly listenable house-pop song it is, and if you wanted any more Zeitgeist defining elements from it then it should be noted that this track, along with dozens of other recent releases, is a mixture of retro and modern sounds. There's enough going on to prevent it from getting lost in the crowd though. Then there's the video; just what is it with music promos featuring strange bodily fluids at the moment? 'Hello Inc' is in every way 'now' encapsulated.

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