Friday 14 December 2012

Hearts & Souls - England's Coldest Waves

Single review by KevW

Music doesn't come much fresher than the first single from a new band's debut EP, and you can bet that this West Yorkshire trio felt more than a little refreshed after filming the video for 'England's Coldest Waves'. Hearts & Souls will be putting out a seven-track EP as a free download on January 21st and everything about it feels wintry. From the full moon rising over the hills on the cover, to the name of the single and the commendable use of duffle coats in the video. Formed in Leeds at the beginning of last year, the band's mission is to combine alternative rock music with pop sensibilities; hardly a revelation but something that can be difficult to master. They plan on working hard though and have already got plenty of gigs in the bag.

The black and white footage certainly makes it look like they could indeed be located where 'England's Coldest Waves' could be found. The song starts in a minimal way, but one that creates an atmosphere of anticipation; it's as though something is about to happen. Gradually guitars are brought in and the track builds slowly and steadily like the creeping tide. Then in a flash of colour it comes alive and turns into a chiming, pounding piece of alt-rock with the band braving the elements (presumably determined to get the shot in one take) and suddenly ends. It's a crafty little tactic, just as it gets going it's called to a halt, leaving you wanting more. So a perfect advertisement for the EP then, because in just over a month we'll get more, and we're intrigued as to what it will sound like.

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