Wednesday 12 December 2012

Luigi Frassetto - Drops Of December/Farewell Bossanova

Single review by KevW

The Voluntary Butler Scheme's Rob Jones appears to have been juggling a few production projects of late, one of which is this single from London-based artist Luigi Frassetto who, as his name suggests, is Italian born, Sardinia to be precise, which I think is a first for this site. Maybe it's a cultural thing or maybe I'm subconsciously stereotyping, but Luigi Frassetto is a name that sounds as though it should belong to a classical musician or composer, and listening to these two songs you could almost claim that to be the case. Both tracks, particularly the first, could be described as orchestral pop and the writing is as much about choice or instrumentation and arrangements as it is the basic outline of the song.

Both are set to feature on Frassetto's debut solo EP (he was a member of the band Rodeo Clown back home) which will be called 'The R.J. Sessions' and is due in February. 'Drops Of December' features guest vocals from Nathan Ball and is a welcome contrast to the overly joyous releases usually associated with this month. The mood is altogether more solemn and pensive, the music is a guitar song given ornate decoration thanks to orchestration, although it doesn't fit the chamber-pop bracket, more an easy listening/pop/classical combination. 'Farewell Bossanova', featuring Ash Before Oak, holds back the orchestration a little and again could fit the description above, especially the lush second half. It's not one for the office Christmas party but it's mightily well put together.

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