Monday 10 December 2012

Out This Week - 10th December 2012

Nixon - This Town

Ah yes, the ever reliable Cloudberry Records remains a source of some of the finest DIY indiepop out there and 'This Town', a free download from the new 7" single by Swedes Nixon, is traditional indiepop as you've heard it many times before, done with near perfection. It's less immediate than some of their tracks but worth giving those extra couple of plays to uncover the true melodic, old-fashioned delights.

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Nixon's website

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Dödens Dal - Det Står Skrivet

This is about as sparkly and swooshy as dreampop gets. Dödens Dal are signed to Swedish label Flora & Fauna so we're guessing they're Swedish although their name (which translates as Death Valley) is actually a place in Norway, so we could be wrong. There's little info, except that 'Det Står Skrivet' (meaning 'It Is Written') is the first single from their debut album, due out in February.

Dödens Dal's website

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TOY - Make It Mine

The debut album from TOY has been doing rather well in the end of year lists, our review was a touch more hesitant, but there's no question that they've done a decent job of making psych and krautrock more palatable for a mainstream audience and there are plenty of fine tracks to be found on their record. You've probably heard it already, but if not then check out the light psychedelia of new single 'Make It Mine'.

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Soft Bullets - Hyperreality 

UK/US duo Soft Bullets (any connection to the similarly named Flaming Lips album I wonder?) released their EP 'Hyperreality' in November and it's gently been simmering away and picking up attention through word of mouth and internet blogs. Now to give it an extra push they've released a brand new video for the ethereal and woozy title-track that was made using footage sent in by fans.

Soft Bullets' website

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Rachel Zeffira - Break The Spell

If the name sounds familiar then you might recognise Rachel Zeffira as half of Cats Eyes alongside Faris from the Horrors. While he's been busy promoting their last album and working on material for their next collaboration, Rachel has produced a very fine record of her own. 'The Deserters' is out this week and the splendid piece of orchestral, cinematic pop that is 'Break The Spell' is quite magical.

Rachel Zeffira's website

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