Tuesday 18 December 2012

Band To Check Out: The Airplane

Article by KevW

Some bands carefully choose how they want to sound, almost following a self-imposed set of rules. For example, the first two Raveonettes albums put limits on song lengths and also decided each track should be in the same key; The Hives' early albums had the guitars and bass all playing the same riff; the first few albums made by Queen imposed a strict "no synthesisers" rule. Parisian group The Airplane appear willing to embrace absolutely anything, there are no such limits here. With influences ranging from Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin to Portishead and DJ Shadow, the music they make has a dubby and a trip-hop element that also embraces pop, rock and more exotic sounds from around the world.

On new EP 'One Moment Please' you have the soulful and sample-filled 'If The Sun Goes Down' that moves on to scratching and an atmospheric guitar section. Recent single 'A Walk On Mars' embraces Asian music, blends it with funk and ends up sounding like something by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour before chucking in another slick rock guitar solo and strange spoken word ending. The more hectic 'Running As Fast As I Can' occasionally slows and you can hear the Pink Floyd influence creeping in. Previous tracks have embraced more samples and the odd dalliance with rap. Certain sections will be off-putting to some and appealing to others, but with so many bands labeling themselves as "electro-rock" and all sounding vaguely similar, it's good to hear from one such group who are taking an alternative option.

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