Sunday 23 December 2012

Kris Menace feat. Unai - Lone Runner

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It's a busy release schedule for Kris Menace in support of his recent album 'Features', he's certainly done enough to earn himself the title of the hardest working man in house. The more we hear the more we're surprised that Kris Menace hasn't featured in a few more of the end of year lists. Following recent single 'Hide' which was a collaborative effort with Miss Kittin, he's lined up another single, this time with Swedish dub producer Unai sharing the duties (the whole album is collaborations). Remix fans will be interested to know that other reworkings come courtesy of Koelsch, Undo, Acos CoolKAs and Axel La Baron, but it's the original album cut that we'll focus on here.

You might expect something more unique from a house/dub mash-up, but 'Lone Runner' is closer in style to electronica and electro-pop. The beat may be house to the core but the atmospheric production and poppy vocal give the song a much broader appeal. 'Lone Runner' somehow closes the gap between the dance floor and the chill-out room, being suitable for both. This would potentially leave it in a nomansland where it's too laid-back for the house heads and too clubby for the pop brigade but it should be strong enough to withstand any criticism and in an ideal world would be replacing the more plastic electro-pop that's currently stuck on heavy rotation.

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