Sunday 16 December 2012

Streets Of Laredo - Girlfriend

Single review by KevW

'Tis the season for debut singles as the next batch of non-mainstream music hopefuls prepare to launch their campaign to capture our hearts in the otherwise fallow first couple of months of the new year. You need a decent amount of sales to register any kind of chart activity in December, but in January? Less so. What chance have New Zealand-born, New York-based trio Streets Of Laredo got in all this? Well firstly, it's a hell of a lot easier to make a name for yourselves in New Zealand than in New York where you're battling for space with a million other bands. However, that success is often limited to down under, so for a real crack at global success then New York always has the eyes of the music world scanning it for the next buzz band.

In that case the move is a good one but the battle is tough in such a crammed musical landscape. You've either got to be mixing in the right circles or be bloody amazing, and as for Streets Of Laredo the results are as yet inconclusive. In their favour they are very good and, importantly, they have their own sound, they're not piggy-backing on anyone else's style. 'Girlfriend' is quirky and likable; twanging guitars mixing it with tribal percussion and vocals that are as much a chant as anything else, it's fairly unique. What may be missing is that little extra, that special hook or magical chorus that will stick with you instantly. Streets Of Laredo could do reasonably well, we'll just have to wait and see what other tricks they have up their sleeves.

Streets of Laredo | Girlfriend (Official) from Streets of Laredo on Vimeo.

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