Monday 31 December 2012

Out This Week - 31st December 2012

Tribes - Wrapped Up In A Carpet

Being a four-piece, male indie-rock band from Camden is always going to turn people against you, but Tribes have somehow managed to retain credibility and record some top tunes with it. They've just announced that new album 'Wish To Scream' will be out in May. If first single 'Wrapped Up In A Carpet' is anything to go by then they've been listening to a lot of T. Rex, which is no bad thing.

Download 'Wrapped Up In A Carpet' for free from Tribes' website

Lonesome Leash - Ghosts

New Orleans group Lonesome Leash put out their debut album 'I Am No Captain' this week. You can download epic last track 'Ghosts' below, it's a stirring mix of thumping percussion and indie-folk that they transform into a sheet of sound. Combining all these elements into such a grand din is no mean feat and they manage to create something quite unique. It might be six minutes long but it's never dull.

Lonesome Leash's website

Stream or buy the album

D/R/U/G/S - The Source Of Light

The done thing nowadays is to release your music digitally and then follow it up with a physical release a week or two later. D/R/U/G/S have turned this on its head slightly, making the vinyl of pounding, psychedelic electronica track 'The Source Of Light' available in November (with a download code). Well the track, with remixes, is available to buy separately from today and you can grab the radio edit below.

D/R/U/G/S' website

Buy the EP

Maglevs - Bicycle Dream

Maglevs are another product of the excellent music scene in Turku, Finland and have spent the year putting together their debut EP which should be with us before too long. First single 'Bicycle Dream' is slightly strange, but in a very good way. Beginning as kind of indie-rock with some stabbing synths, it ends up like the epic score to a sci-fi film and is an ambitious and impressive journey.

Maglevs' website


Joe Gideon & the Shark - Higher Power/Where Have All The Good Times Gone

It's been three years since the debut album by brother/sister duo Joe Gideon & The Shark and this has been a slightly turbulent time, with "births and deaths" accounting for their long absence. Some of these events must have influenced the music, and we'll find out just how much when the album is released in the UK next week. New single 'Higher Power/Where Have All The Good Times Gone' suggests something very special, being a stunning piece of experimental indie/alt-rock, and quite possibly the best track they've released to date. It's great to finally have them back and sounding so amazing.

Joe Gideon & The Shark's website

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