Thursday 13 December 2012

Widowspeak - The Dark Ages

Single review by KevW

What is traditionally the worst time of year for music has, thanks to the internet, become one of the most exciting. When the usual means of hearing music was radio, minimal TV exposure or your personal collection you were generally bombarded with charity ensembles (not knocking charities, I just wish people wouldn't make such bloody awful records for them) and the same tired old Christmas songs taking precedent over anything new. Nowadays December is a great month, as loads of the less mainstream acts, like those we cover, start gearing up for the release of their new albums in the traditionally fruitful first few months of the year as the big hitters go quiet after their festive cash-in. Decent bands stand much more chance of exposure in January or February than most of the rest of the year.

Which brings us to this new single from Widowspeak (and much of what we'll be featuring in the next few weeks) which is the second track taken from their second album, 'Almanac', due out on January 22nd. 'The Dark' age chimes into action as though it's about to spring a surprise on you. It feels a little moody. Turns out it's not though, and instead we get soft vocals and flourishes of guitar which then get taken over by heavier use of the fretboard. It sounds like the start of something so obviously makes a top choice for a pre-release single, and importantly is sounds confident and it sounds like a statement, something that's usually a surefire sign that no struggles with second album syndrome have been encountered. I think we can get our hopes up for this one.

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