Thursday 20 December 2012

Michael Bernard Fitzgerald - Firecracker

Single review by KevW

Canadian musician Michael Bernard Fitzgerald is becoming reasonably well known in his native Canada, and has done enough to capture the ear of Interscope co-founder Ted Field who has signed him to his Trauma2 record label with the intention of releasing a debut album in February. Having travelled extensively it's hardly surprising that Fitzgerald's music takes in everything from pop to folk to rock to various other sounds that could come under the umbrella of "world music". There are a few tracks streaming on his SoundCloud page which show quite a diversity.

New single 'Firecracker' is a prime example of this eclectic taste. Tribal drums do battle with lyrics that are almost rapped. You can pick out elements of soul, jazz, blues and much more, yet the way these different ideas are brought together and given a clean production targets them mainly at a pop audience, but one that's more likely to resonate with people who look outside of the current teen-targeted pop market. Therefore I guess 'Firecracker' could be considered a pop track for the more discerning listener. It's mainstream certainly, but very individual with it.

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