Thursday 20 December 2012

Grass House - A Thousand Generators

Single review by KevW

Very soon we'll be doing one of those obligatory lists of bands to look out for in 2013, and we've spent much of this year enjoying records by some of our tips from the same time last year, with Being There, Daughter, Exitmusic and Internet Forever all coming up smelling of roses. Although some of Andy's choices either split up of didn't amount to much, there's been one notable exception from our digital pages. Yorkshire's Grass House who thus far have only provided us with a solitary single in September. This disappearance hasn't been the sign of a band on their last legs, far from it, in fact the complete opposite is true. The band have been holed-up in the studio putting their masterful minds into the creation of a debut album set to be released next year, with a single planned for February. Knowing that fans have been baying for new material, this week they've decided to release this live video of the typically superb new track 'A Thousand Generators'. We'll let them tell you about it.

"We (Grass House) are releasing this one-off live video to preview a track from our debut album which is due out next year. With a new single in the pipeline for late February release, we wanted to put something out in the meantime to showcase the live sound of our (now-coined) outsider-pop. The music is an homage to the outsider-art of Jean Dubuffet, Karel Appel & (loosley) Henri Rousseau, where work is created 'from pure and authentic creative impulses’. Aesthetics have always been an important influence to the our music, with the belief that art can play a vital role in the ideas and construction of music and vice-versa. 'A Thousand Generators' hints at a lighter side lyrically while the vocal is laid on a bed of warm, textural guitars and soft drums, musically it’s a nod in the direction of Brian Eno & 1960’s guitar bands."

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