Thursday 13 December 2012

Night Works - Long Forgotten Boy

Single review by KevW

On March 4th we'll see the release of the debut album from former Metronomy and Your Twenties man Gabriel Stebbing under his new Night Works guise. We suggested in our review of previous single 'Modern European' that he may be kicking himself a little now that Metronomy have become one of the most celebrated bands in the UK, but the more we hear from Night Works the more we think he's capable of matching that success. Plus it's probably not doing his cause any harm that the album is being produced by Joe Mount, something which will ensure quality and will also bring in more coverage as the appetite for anything Metronomy related is at a high.

Much like 'Modern European', 'Long Forgotten Boy' is another song that takes a few spins before your brain begins to engage with it properly. Night Works are still aiming for funky synth-pop with this track, but it's slightly less retro than before and maybe a bit more minimal. Where this track may slip up is in not being quite as engineered for radio play, so may get less exposure, although it's bound to be a hit with the critics. I wouldn't go expecting any instant fame or success for Night Works, but don't be surprised that if by the end of next year a little word of mouth promotion has built a steady buzz and Stebbing's name will be much better known.

Night Works' website

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