Monday 10 December 2012

Paisley Reich - Dive EP

EP review by KevW

Reich of course is the German term for empire, and as they like to count the Roman empire as being German, there have been three so far, and we all know what atrocities the last one got up to. Paisley will forever be associated with the free love and peace movements of the 1960s, so the idea of an empire of peace seems like a grand concept. Paisley Reich are a lo-fi indie group from Italy and there's no hatred in the music they make, similarly there's no over-optimistic hippy ideals. Their method for peace comes to us in fuzzy guitar tunes that are indeed quite easy to like and are left rough around the edges for that extra sharpness.

There is a 60s thing going on, but equally 80s and 90s alternative groups are an influence. The exuberant 'Margot' has got C86 written all over it and 'Boy' flits between psychedelia and shoegaze brilliantly. They can happily be filed alongside people like Echo Lake or DIIV with the scuzzy 'Dazed' and the even more distorted 'Flow'. These are the same sounds being made by many, but Paisley Reich feel every bit as authentic as anyone else and this isn't a case of bandwagon-jumping. The songs on this EP are strong enough to grace many of the year's finest lo-fi indie albums. Long may their empire reign.

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