Thursday 20 December 2012

Meursault/Sebastian Reynolds - Dearly Distracted

Single review by KevW

We talk about dreampop quite a lot here at The Sound Of Confusion, as many bands we like can be described as such. This Sebastian Reynolds reworking of Meursault's track 'Dearly Distracted' takes things a step further. There's a fine line between ambient dreampop and boring, background mood-music, and if you can get the balance right then the results can be outstanding. You only have to listen to the first couple of Spiritualized albums for proof of that, those ambient, space-drones engulf you rather than pass by without you realising. A similar trick has been pulled off here.

This track is highly atmospheric, evocative and ghostly, the vocals drift around as though they're lost out at sea in a thick fog, and strings come and go as if by their own free will. It's a really well worked piece of dreampop with the emphasis on the "dream" part. This alone is reason enough to buy this song, but if you need an extra nudge then all the proceeds from the sale will be going to the Helen And Douglas House, a hospice in Oxford that cares for children and young adults, so you get a great tune, they get a couple of quid to help them keep up their good work. What are you waiting for?

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