Saturday 22 December 2012

Dead Sons - Hangman

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It's been a superb couple of years for Sheffield's Dead Sons, the young band have gained plenty of live experience to tighten up their sound and build a solid fanbase, all of whom will no doubt be excited by the prospect of debut album 'The Hollers & The Hymns' in February. There's a great confidence here too, not to mention a beefy sound and a set of very good tunes. Current single 'Hangman' is their second of this year and a perfect introduction for those who've yet to tuck in to their muscular indie-rock, rounding up what has been an excellent twelve months.

Naturally these guys will pick up comparisons to Arctic Monkeys, partly because of their location and the fact that they too sing in their own accents rather than pretending to be American, but there is a similarity in sound as well. However we're talking 'Humbug' era, as Dead Sons fully embrace the more robust slant that Josh Homme's production brought to their neighbours' third album. You can tell that Queens Of The Stone Age are an influence too, the riff is big, the drums are thundering and the 'rock' element is very much intact. There's every chance of Dead Sons being next year's surprise package.

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