Saturday 15 December 2012

Artist To Check Out: J.P Rose

Article by KevW

Los Angeles has contributed a hell of a lot of good music to help soundtrack our year and it surely will for many years to come, the city is a magnet for creative types, much like English musicians gravitating towards London to try and get a foothold on its toilet circuit and build up a fanbase and catch the ears of a few A&R men. One LA artist to look out for in the coming months is J.P. Rose, a man who's blurring the boundaries between the alternative and the mainstream. There are a handful of tracks to sample on his SoundCloud page, some of which will draw comparisons to The Postal Service (a band who many a band has channeled of late) and a few from his forthcoming debut release.

We don't have a date for the 'Seascape' EP yet, but we're guessing it should be available in the next month or so. Three tracks are available to stream already and show an excellent sense of melody as well as some accomplished production that brings the best out of the songs. Mixing indie sounds with the seemingly never ending synth-pop revival, 'What If I Were You?' is a sparkly pop delight that deserves to do well, so we're hoping plenty of other people pick up on this guy. It's no one-off as other EP tracks 'Until The Sun Falls' and 'Back To Me' are equally optimistic and hook-filled alt-pop. There's often an element of luck as to whether or not an artist breaks through, and J.P. Rose is just that one move away from potential stardom.

J.P. Rose's website

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