Saturday 15 December 2012

Woodpigeon - Sufferin' Suckatash

Single review by KevW

This week Calgary artist Woodpigeon (real name Mark Andrew Hamilton) announced that his new album 'Thumbtacks And Glue' is to be released on Fierce Panda Records on February 25th, and shortly after he'll be crossing the ocean for a gig at London's St Pancras Church on March 4th. The album will be his fifth in total and first since 2010, so after that break we can expect him to be back refreshed and full of ideas. The first single from the album was also unveiled this week and contains the kids TV-based title 'Sufferin' Suckatash' (help me out here, is it Batman?)

It's a bit off an odd one to be honest, in essence it's fairly regular singer-songwriter material; one man and his guitar with a few helpers adding some meat to the bones. After the quiet intro the song seems to become a bit confused, the mixture of instruments and voices not quite gelling as they should. It almost becomes a slightly bewildering choice of comeback song, but once you get to the halfway point things begin to click and all those sounds synchronise and the flow is far better, the middle eight in particular sounding like Woodpigeon is ready to take flight once again.

Woodpigeon's website

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  1. this song's amazing - not sure what you're talking about in this review...

  2. This is a good song, I agree! I just found the first half to be a bit messy, the second half is great.