Tuesday 11 December 2012

Heartcopy - 2MW EP

EP review by KevW

We described Montreal duo Heartcopy as an enigma when we featured their single 'Tomorrow' recently. Well now they've released what we think is their first EP, '2MW', which features the aforementioned debut single, and still we have scant information on them. The work of a producer named Wynn Holmes and a vocalist named RaRa, this EP is supposedly the first of a series of releases planned for 2013. By the sound of it there's much more to them than the cutting, experimental pop they explored on 'Tomorrow'; these five tracks show an interesting diversity which means they're keen not to get bogged down to a particular style. Either that or they haven't quite defined what they want their music to be yet, other than the loose term "alt-pop", although these songs are far too accomplished for people who are still finding their feet.

The shift is instant, right after the single kicks things off they immediately head upwards to the clouds and explore dreamy and ethereal pop on 'Be', which verges on the guilty pleasure side of things until it really gets going and shows its grand ambition and stargazing wonder, complete with a euphoric, tribal ending. 'Take Me Home' tones things down again, but only briefly; this is pure pop but it's a cut above the generic chart fluff. More bases are covered on 'Algebra', which feels a touch more contemporary and shows they have the ability to cross over to the clubs if they wish, and also on 'Falling Onto You' where more organic sounds are blended into their electronics. It's the most soulful track here and possibly the nearest we get to cracking that enigma. It all becomes quite personal until they swamp it with sporadic clumps of beats, not content to settle for normality when they can experiment. If you're disillusioned with modern pop music then a large dose of Heartcopy could be just the tonic.

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