Wednesday 12 December 2012

Five For Free #139

Gross Ghost - Leslie

After recieving a great response to their debut album 'Brer Rabbit' which was released earlier this year, North Carolina's Gross Ghost have signed to Odessa Records and will be heading out for some US dates in January (check their website for details) and they're letting us who were slow on the uptake see what the fuss is about with the garage/indie clatter of free download 'Leslie'.

Gross Ghost's website

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Maia - Where Else But Earth

When Huddersfield band Maia released their album 'Pepper Stars' this autumn it was a real treat. We described them as "sci-fi folk" as they seemed to take traditional instruments and use them to create dreamy and futuristic sounding music that wasn't quite like any one else. They're finishing the year with the gift of free download single 'Where Else But Earth' which encapsulates their sound perfectly.

Maia's website

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Big Wave - Living Room

These guys from Torquay are definitely ones to keep your eye on. If you missed ace freebie 'Dying On The Vine' then head here and get it. 'Only You' was their debut single and if a band can afford to just knock off tracks as good as the awesome, melodic guitar-pop of 'Living Room' as B-sides then you know they're on to something. Big Waves are set to capture many hearts in 2013.

Free download: 'Living Room'

Big Wave's website

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Au.Ra - Sun

This is the first track recorded by Sydney duo Au.Ra and it's always nice to receive an email that says little more than "Hi, here's a song me and my friend made. I hope you like it." Well Au.Ra, we do like it, we like it very much and we're sharing it with the readers of The Sound Of Confusion who all have impeccable taste, so we think they'll like its lush, chilled, alt-poppy textures too.

Au.Ra's website

Elias Krantz - Young Ends

'Young Ends' is the new single from acclaimed Swedish artist Elias Krantz and is taken from his most recent album 'Night Ice'. The album was a huge critical success in Scandinavia and deserves to spread its reach a bit further. So check out this excellent instrumental tune (think post-rock without any of the boring bits, mixed with a dose of pop) and if you like it then help spread the word.

Elias Krantz's website

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