Thursday 13 December 2012

White Blush - White Blush EP

EP review by KevW

So you've all been keeping up to date with our posts right through the year, yeah? Well then you'll have enjoyed the debut single by Carol Rhyu's White Blush back in the summer, and you also have liked her other project, Prints. So you'll be as glad as we are that there's now a whole six-track EP available from the LA-based dreampop experimentalist, and even more happy that it's free to download, so think of it as a Christmas present for your ears. Single 'Jolene' is included and is sounding as lovely as ever, but its five counterparts give us plenty more to get stuck into. There are plenty of processed beats, drifting, ghostly vocals and layered synths and electronics, and this level of depth means the EP isn't enjoyable but throwaway, it means it's one of those records that will grow over time.

There's the lo-fi 'Juice Of My Heart' which makes use of what sounds like simple, vintage equipment that adds personality as opposed to sterile cleanliness. The pulsating 'Mirror' is a particularly good piece of minimalism with barely decipherable lyrics that are delivered like a distant sigh. It's very otherworldly and a little different from what most others are up to. Talking of minimalism, 'True Luv' is an brilliant example of someone updating the synth-pop of Soft Cell or early Depeche Mode, before it fleshes out into something more substantial. 60s sci-fi is visited in the cosmic, retro '808 Myst'; it could have been made by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. The EP ends with the piercing hum of 'Wait', and leaves us hoping that we won't have to wait much longer for more from White Blush.

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