Sunday 16 December 2012

The Hotelles - Ignore Me

Single review by KevW

On the surface it sounds as though South-Londoners The Hotelles are an seasoned band of indie-rockers with some experience behind them. Their music is smart, snappy and confident and generally has the feel of a band comfortably in their stride. Then you realise that 'Ignore Me' is only their second single following a debut which was released in November. So they're pretty new then. A quick scan through their bio reveals that these three are aged between 21 and just 14 years old. Age shouldn't really be a factor because it's the music that counts, but you can't help but be impressed at this level of talent being reached at such a young age.

Focusing on the music and you can happily throw in the comparisons that the band the band themselves identify. There's the vibe of early Arctic Monkeys or The Cribs (they're brothers too); scratchy British guitar music delivered with energy and passion. 'Ignore Me' is screamed with throat-battering intensity and is catchy as hell. If it fails to pick up much coverage this time around then we're happy to bet it gets a re-release if and when (most likely when) their name becomes more well known. B-side 'Unloved' is no throwaway song either, they know what they're up to. They even manage to finish with an acoustic rendition of the lead-track that doesn't pale in comparison to the original. We could be looking at future indie heroes here.

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