Wednesday 12 December 2012

Band To Check Out: Embers

Article by KevW

As far as exciting prospects go, there can't be many more promising new bands in the UK at the moment than Manchester's Embers. Formed last year they already have a handful of songs streaming on Bandcamp and a very well received debut single to their name. Purely and simply the reason why Embers have so much potential is down to the fact that they create an outstandingly grand sound, one that could fill vast spaces and overpower most other bands without even thinking about it. This effect isn't achieved with any fancy studio work either, in fact it's difficult to pinpoint exactly how they can create such fury and such passion without using any of the usual sickly stadium-rock techniques.

The songs we've chosen to feature here are both recorded live so you get a better experience of the full effect without any smoke and mirrors. 'Hollow Cage' sees them slowly building sounds, bit by bit, to whip up a noise that's beyond what most achieve after a month in the studio. By the end it's a maelstrom of heavenly cries and is quite startling. The setting of Gorton Monastery for these recordings is perfectly apt for music of such power. It's no one-off either, 'Part Of The Echoes' does the same, pushing this gargantuan sound to another level. It's going to be very exciting to see how these guys develop, Embers are less a band and more a force of nature.

Embers - Hollow Cage from Embers on Vimeo.

Embers - Part Of The Echoes from Embers on Vimeo.

Embers' website

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