Friday 28 December 2012

Sillyboy - Coast To Coast

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Greek musician Sillyboy has made a wise choice in picking the next single from his recent 'Nature Of Things' album. The Athens-based producer easily made the transition from writing jingles for TV to creating proper music with more substance and depth a few years ago and his latest effort, while not perfect, contained enough to get us interested. 'Coast To Coast' was a track we picked out as a highlight and it looks like he agrees, giving it a separate push with a new video to accompany it, although the sunshine and ice creams may not be ideally suited to this time of year.

Let's not let that stand in the way of what is a very good song and a very good video though, after all, music is partly about escapism, and escapism is what we get. It's not entirely clear what the video is about, or even if it's happy or harrowing. Scenes involve a girl on a beach, falling over on a golf course, levitating and drowning. So not your regular, everyday activities then, and we're left to conclude that it may be a dream sequence. Still, it holds your attention and is soundtracked by some decent alt-rock, so that's good enough for us.

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