Saturday 22 December 2012

The Winter Tradition - Tides and Telegrams

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We've been inundated with music that references either the upcoming festivities or winter in general in the last few weeks, but that's been the names of the songs, not the names of the artists. Would it be weird if a band called The Winter Tradition chose to release records in summer? Should they stick to the colder months for making their tracks available? I guess the most important question is does the band name make a blind bit of difference to anything anyway? And the answer is probably not, there are some truly terribly named bands who've made it big, so unless you choose a particularly offensive or niche moniker (For example, a band named We Love Everton will probably not be embraced by anyone who supports Liverpool) it's unlikely to make a blind bit of difference.

Perhaps Hearts and Hibs might have been a better example given that this quartet call Edinburgh home, but we don't know which side of the fence they sit. As for the thing about time of year, well their album 'Gradients' was released in the middle of summer and that has done them no harm. Current single 'Tides and Telegrams' has a slightly windswept indie/rock/folk feel and a similarly windswept video where the open landscape nicely encapsulates the grand and sweeping sound of the song. It's an anthemic one for sure, and is just the sort of tune that could inspire crowds from a big stage, so maybe if The Winter Tradition continue like this then, with a certain amount of irony, they could become a big hit on the summer festival circuit. Ambitious stuff.

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