Saturday 15 December 2012

Max Cooper feat. BRAIDS - Pleasures

Single review by KevW

Shame on us. While we're familiar with the work of Canadian alt-rock band BRAIDS we've somehow managed to miss out on a talent from much closer to home. Max Cooper was born in Belfast and is now based in London, although in our defense his music is much better known on continental Europe than it is back home, with most of his material released on German label Traum Schallplatten. Still, having remixed Hot Chip and Au Revoir Simone we should be more familiar with his work. Instead this new collaboration EP, and more specifically the track 'Pleasures' is our introduction.

The pairing is a good one, with BRAIDS used to experimenting with a more traditional band set-up and Cooper combining both electronica and techno in to his previous releases (so we're told). 'Pleasures', with its bizarre animated video, is taken from their EP 'Conditions One' and gradually grows from an ambient wasteland to an electronica-infused dreampop track that's a proper grower and calmly becomes more and more addictive with each listen. The animation shows a lot of blood and blood vessels along with rapid hair growth which is quite unusual. But if you're wondering, it's apparently about the triumph of the heart. We're happy to report that the song is also a triumph and we'll be keeping a closer eye on Max Cooper's work from now on.

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