Sunday 16 December 2012

This Much - Steady Feet/The Noise

Single review by KevW

Formed earlier this year, the annoyingly difficult to Google band This Much have just made their debut double A-side single available as a free download. Hailing from the Boston area (that's the big Boston in America, not the town in Lincolnshire) they're a trio creating acoustic sounds that don't quite fit folk and don't quite fit Americana, so maybe alt-folk would be the best way to describe what they do. They consist of Terrence Mulhern who takes on vocals, guitar, keyboards and recording duties, and bassist John Strickler and drummer Denny Kennedy who complete the line-up.

As we've pointed out numerous times, there's not exactly a shortage of bands attempting this very same formula, and for every decent one there are a dozen awful singer-songwriters who really don't get it. As far as This Much go, you can stick them in the decent pile with 'Steady Feet' being particularly good. Strip away the US-accented vocal and we're in the same area as Nick Drake or John Martyn. The chances of them repeating the success of those two giants is incredibly slim but at least they're helping carry the torch. 'The Noise' is less instant and generally more downbeat but still worthy of a cheeky download. Both tracks are free below.

This Much's website

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